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Our Story

Dottie Weil started Angel's Attic over 35 years ago. As a single mother of three, she was forced to dumpster dive to find things her family needed to survive. The experience was so challenging, and she knew as soon as she was back on her feet, she wanted to help people in need.


"We give away things people no longer need to people who really need them" explains Dottie. " It's basically a thrift store where everything is free."

Angel's Attic began operating from the food pantry that Dottie established at a local church. Angel's Attic outgrew the church space and moved to Dottie's own backyard in container units.

" Items are available for people in need. We have no register. We are a simple ministry of God"


Angel's Attic moved from Dottie's backyard after connecting with some wonderful benefactors, including Walt and Renee Eppard, who purchased the space we are currently working out of today.

Dottie relies on volunteers to help the business grow. Together they sort daily donations, provide help for anyone who comes to the store and much more.


"It is a labor of love and it is a wonderful feeling knowing you helped someone who really needs a break."

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